Pricing FAQ

What is Hosting?
After we build a website, the result (behind the scenes) is a database of information and multiple files organized into folders. That information needs to be stored on a reliable server.

We partner with an industry leading WordPress® hosting partner that stores your site on servers with 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Why is there a "+" after your pricing?
The requirements for every website build are different. The prices shown above represent a starting point. The amount of content, imagery and data as well as how accessible it is will determine how much more is involved.
How do you accept payment?
We accept payment by credit card.
When do we pay for our website design?
50% is paid up front, and 50% is due upon completion.

Easy Payments

We’ll send you a link. Sign-in, add your credit card info and set up recurring payments.

Competitive Quote Analysis

We would be pleased to review another agency’s web design quote and discuss how our services and value are similar or different.

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